WOD: Cinco de Mayo-12

Skill: Burgener Warm Up

Team WOD: for time:

100 Power Snatch (95/65)
8 Burpees

500M Row penalty


All teams assemble!!!  This WOD is a reflection of a WOD called “The Lullaby”, named after the fact that when you are done, you will need one as you cry like a baby pass out from exhaustion.  One partner does Power Snatches while another partner does 8 Burpees. Once the 8 Burpees are finished, partners switch exercises.  It is not all that simple though because there is a glaring problem with the workout.  If the partner doing Burpees goes slow, then the person snatching will be able to get more reps before making the switch making the WOD quicker and easier.  In order to remedy this, a 500M Row penalty will be issued to the partner in the group that performs the least number of Power Snatches.  If partners tie (as in both get 50 Power Snatches) a 750M Row penalty will be issued to both.  Now that is how glaring problems are solved.

Happy hunting,



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